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Location: 150 Sherway Drive, Etobicoke,ON M9C 1A5

Date of Completion: November 2029

Description of Project:

Demolition of structural underground service tunnels, generator building demolition including foundation, demolition of 2 chimney stacks and foundation, excavation and backfill with new material, contaminated soil excavation and disposal, interior architectural demolition, asbestos abatement.

Location: 1225 Dundas Street East Unit 19, Mississauga

Date of Completion: December 2023

Description of Project:

Demolition and abatement of Asbestos containing material which included- flooring, drywall compound. Recycling of mercury containing light bulbs and removal of lead containing paint in 40 separate locations.

Location: BLOOR GO (TTC Connection)

Date of Completion: January 2026

Description of Project:

Demolition work included: Cutting and removal of existing concrete protection walls, slabs, columns and finishes to facilitate new link between Dundas West TTC station and Bloor Go Platform.

Location: 399 Bathrust Street, Toronto, Ontario

Date of Completion: May 2024

Description of Project:

Demolition of architectural, mechanical, and electrical finishes throughout different areas in hospital on five separate floors. Construction of temporary hoardings and ANTE rooms in 12 different locations.

Location: Toronto Pearson Airport

Date of Completion: April 2024

Description of Project:

Interior demolition. Work includes: Construction of negative air tenting, demolition and disposal of architectural finishes ie. drywall, drop ceilings, carpet flooring, ceramic tile, signage, floor preperation, glazing, mechanical and electical elements.

Location: Trillium Health Partners - 2180 Speakman Drive, Mississauga

Date of Completion: January 2024

Description of Project:

Performed Mold Remediation in two towers totaling 400 long term care units. Interior removals included- Suspended ceilings, fire rated partitions, flooring, insulation, electrical and mechanical services. Additional work performed- Interior Renovation and new construction of modular health units. Work included: drywall, insulation, patching, painting floor finishes, electrical, mechanical systems, sprinkler fire protection, bas, ceiling , access doors, miscellaneous metal, structural steel, hardware.

Location: 9050 Bramalea Road, Brampton

Date of Completion: November 2023

Description of Project:

Demolition and Construction, work includes: Concrete cutting of slab on grade,private locates of services, excavation and dispoal of soil, grade preperation including backfill, compaction and testing, coordination with own mechanical trades for re and re of exiting trench drain and piping, concrete pour and finishing, self leveling of existing concrete substrate.

Location: Toronto and Brampton

Date of Completion: December 2023

Description of Project:

Abatement and Demolition. Work included: removal and disposal of holding cells, security ceilings, reinforced concrete walls, new openings, lintel installation.

Location: Mississauga, Ontario

Date of Completion: September 2021

Description of Project:

Demolition and New construction of a Free Standing Structure: Work included: Demolition of existing structures and underground tunnels. Excavations, Construction of a new operations facility, Site works, and access ramps.

Location: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airiport

Date of Completion: June 2022

Description of Project:

General Contracting: New Construction/Office Renovations. Work included: demolition, floor grinding, electrical and lighting, security systems installations, mechanical, building automation building, fire sprinklers, HVAC, life safety systems, trenching, concrete slab on grade, fire proofing, metal studs, drywall, taping, suspended decorative ceiling treatments, demountable partitions, millwork, glazing, ceramic, carpet flooring, painting and carpentry.  Complete startup commissioning, orientation and turnover to client.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Date of Completion: August 2020

Description of Project:

Demolition/Abatement/Renovation and Restoration to existing historical theater venue. Work included: Negative pressurized type 3 asbestos containment and removal procedures, exterior and interior works, engineered suspended slab demolition, structural column removal/reinforcing, removal of six story cooling tower and interior finishes.

Location: Terminal 1 – Mississauga

Date of Completion: July 2020

Description of Project:

General Contracting: Work included: full scale demolition and disposal of existing terminal 1 area finishes, removals included structural steel, miscellaneous steel, drywall partitions, insulation, aluminium and glazing, structural steel, miscellaneous metals, concrete, various finished floor materials, lighting, cabling, sprinklers and mechanical piping, fixturing and  decommissioning of all electrical, mechanical, data, life safety devices, and security. Complete startup commissioning, orientation and turnover to client.

Location: Location: Sainte Julie, Québec

Date of Completion: July 2021

Description of Project:

General Contracting: Renovations. Work included: demolition, abatement, new construction comprising of electrical, mechanical, structural, building automation system, fire sprinklers, HVAC, life safety, cabling, concrete slab on grade, fire proofing, metal studs,  drywall, taping, suspended decorative ceiling treatments, aluminium and glazing, miscellaneous metals, ceramic, hardwood flooring, millwork, painting, carpentry, hardware, and security.  Complete startup commissioning, orientation and turnover to client.

Location: Terminal 3 - Greater Toronto Airport Authority

Date of Completion: February 2019

Description of Project:

New Construction / Interior Renovations, to Airport Facility. Work included: pre construction services, demolition, electrical and lighting fixturing, mechanical, fire sprinklers, hvac, life safety systems, trenching, concrete slab on grade, metal studs, drywall, taping, suspended decorative ceiling treatments, ceramic, glazing, terrazzo flooring, carpet, vet, epoxy flooring painting, security systems installations and CCTV.

Location: Terminal 3 - Greater Toronto Airports Authority

Date of Completion: January 2019

Description of Project:

Interior Renovations & Demolition: Work included: set up of negative air pressure enclosures, removals and disposal of various flooring materials, terrazzo, concrete. New installation of finish floor elevation laser leveling sub floor, specialty anti fracture membrane installation, complete with finished floor terrazzo application.