DNN Contracting is committed to ensuring
a healthy and safe workplace environment for everyone.

Dnn considers the health and safety of all personnel to be the top priority of our organization. DNN recognizes that all workers
have the right to a safe and healthy work environment and therefore protection of such is the guiding principle of all our operations at DNN.

At DNN Contracting we strive to maintain a healthy and safe workplace environment for all; our workers, subtrades, and the public at large. To achive this, we provide the necessary resources and training for our work force, in return this controls and elimanates safety hazards in the work environment. At DNN, we have always upheld a standard of exellence when it comes to health and safety. We are proud of achiving and maintaining our COR 2020 certification.

DNN’s Health & Safey Policy:            

DNN will develop and maintain a safe work environment, a well-trained work force and employee safety awareness through training of the company HSMS. In so doing we are confident that the overall goal of an injury and accident-free workplace will be obtained.

It is DNN’s responsibility to develop and maintain our Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) to successfully turn the philosophy of our Internal Responsibility System into practice. Our HSMS is applicable to our employees, subcontractors, visitors and service providers. All workplace parties may refer to the programs contained within our manual and/or the Occupational Health and Safety Act to find their responsibilities. Senior Management will ensure that all employees, subcontractors, service providers and visitors will be introduced with their roles and responsibilities at the time of orientation. All contractors, sub-contractors and independent operators are required to know, understand and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and all applicable Regulations as well as the DNN Health & Safety Management Program and any relevant procedures.

All DNN employees are required to know, understand and comply with all legislative requirements including the Occupational Health and Safety Act and applicable Regulations, as well as company policies and procedures and will receive ongoing safety training. Workers are required to report any unsafe acts or conditions, report any injury, incident or near miss to their Supervisors immediately. All employees are expected to contribute to the development and implementation of the Health & Safety Management Program and work safely at all times. Supervisors will ensure that the safety program is implemented at the field level, providing necessary training, information and direction. They will participate in and ensure that all Joint Health and Safety Committee activities are completed and ensure that the workplace is audited on a regular basis.

The Safety Manager will establish, implement and revise the Health and Safety Management Program and hold supervisory staff accountable for its implementation. The Safety Manager will report and review with Senior Management the Health and Safety Management Program annually, make all revisions necessary and provide the necessary training instruction and assistance to the supervisory staff.

Senior Management is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for the prevention of injuries and illness and is committed to achieving this in a spirit of consultation and co-operation with workers. We are dedicated to setting and reviewing OHS objectives, at minimum, annually or as needed to encourage continuous improvement of DNN’s HSMS and Health and Safety performance. In substantiation of our commitment to Health and Safety, we insist that accident prevention and the protection of the Health and Safety of all workers is a top priority in all aspects of every project conducted by DNN.

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